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Dogs Last Chance

(aka) Last Chance for Animals

8033 Sunset Blvd Suite 835
Los Angeles,  CA 90046
Phone: 310-271-6096

Puppy mills, vivisection/dissection, fur, illegal animal-fighting; Help us end animal abuse! Doing ground breaking undercover investigations to expose animal abusers and promoting cruelty-free lifestyles.

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Real Life Story

On March 11, 2011 a 9.0 earthquake shook Japan, followed by a giant, three-story tsunami which crushed seaside towns with a wall of water. Radiation levels at the coastal Fukushima Diiachi nuclear plant began to rise.

Last Chance for Animals' (LCA) Special Investigations Unit (SIU) boldly entered the radiation-filled nuclear exclusion zone, braving hundreds of violent aftershocks, looking for animals left behind by heartsick guardians, who'd been forced to evacuate and leave their beloved pets behind - then denied entry back for their animal friends.

The SIU bravely rescued nearly 400 animals in the wake of the earthquake, devastating tsunami and worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl - plus provided food, water and on-the-spot medical care for countless other animals.

One of the many success stories from the rescue is that of a dog named Chuppy. The SIU first found Chuppy living alone in an abandoned area on a beach. She was terrified and impossible to approach. They tried several times to rescue her over a week. They finally caught her at the rubble of her own home in a humane trap. They were able to get in touch with her guardians from a note they left behind, and reunite Chuppy with her family. Chuppy, living alone and traumatized after the devastation, became a totally different dog after being reunited with her family. As tears streamed down her face, Chuppy's guardian held her little dog close, and exclaimed how grateful she was to LCA for saving her dear Chuppy.

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