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Humane Society of the United States

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1255 23rd Street NW
Suite 450
Washington,  DC 20037
Phone: 800-808-7858

Ending abuse of all animals: puppy mills, animal fighting, animals in laboratories, factory farming abuses, horse slaughter, wildlife threats… Help us end animal cruelty.

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Real Life Story

When The Humane Society of the United States' Animal Rescue Team arrived at the scene of a cruelty case in Adams County, Ohio, on a cold December day in 2015, help arrived for dozens of dogs and cats in desperate need of someone to save them. One of the dogs they were most concerned about was a little white terrier mix with a laundry list of medical problems. Piper had a hernia, was deaf and had one of her eyes removed. She also had only four rotting teeth left in her mouth. She was found lying in a puddle of her own diarrhea and couldn't lift her head. HSUS rescuers made sure Piper received immediate veterinary care, and after recovering her strength, Piper is thriving in her new forever home with Julie Wilkes of Columbus, Ohio. Piper is just one of many animals whose path to a new life begins when the outstretched arms of an HSUS rescuer reaches out to scoop them up and away from a life filled with depravation, cruelty and neglect, and into the loving arms of people who will care for them and make sure their futures are filled with nothing but love and kindness from that moment on. By being a part of The Humane Society of the United States, you are there with us as we save animals like Piper. You're also part of one of the highest impact charities in the country - a group that is creating transformational change for animals through campaigns tackling factory farming, ending cosmetics testing on animals, preventing abuse of wildlife, stopping puppy mills, supporting pets and their families, protecting horses, and much, much more. Rated most effective by our peers and approved by the Better Business Bureau for meeting all 20 standards for charity accountability.

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