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Alley Cat Rescue

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P.O. Box 585
Mt. Rainier,  MD 20712
Phone: 301-277-5595

Stray, abandoned and feral cats are neglected. Healthy cats in shelters are killed. Your contribution helps us end feline overpopulation and suffering.

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Real Life Story

Alley Cat Rescue's mission is to reduce the number of cats killed in shelters through spay/neuter programs. We also are advocates for cats, defending them, and protecting them from harm. But advocacy is not our only work. ACR is one of a very few national groups that does any hands-on rescue work to save cats' lives. We rescue cats from high-kill shelters, we trap and sterilize feral cats, and we run a daily spay clinic to help other caring people, subsidizing the cost of the surgeries.

However we also care about individual animals' lives and will help if we can. The last few years we helped Jennifer in a Maryland suburb by trapping the 25 outdoor neighborhood cats she was feeding. We TNR'd the cats: spaying, neutering, giving shots, treating for fleas and parasites, allowing Jennifer to continue daily care for them, and stopping the constant litters of kittens they were producing.

Sadly, one year ago this month, Jennifer, only 50 years old, passed away, and ever since then we have been traveling quite a distance to the house each and every day, in all kinds of weather, to continue feeding and taking care of her beloved cats, as her husband is still mourning her loss. He moved out of the house and cannot face returning. We do realize this cannot continue indefinitely, and recently we trapped 6 of the cats and found a wonderful farm home for them. We are continuing to look for proper, safe homes, and eventually hope to have them all placed in other loving homes, where they will continue to receive the tender care they are used to, and which of course, they deserve. Every cat, whether a domestic lap cat or a wild feral cat, is worthy of our care and humane treatment.

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