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ASPCA: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

520 Eighth Avenue, 7th Floor
New York,  NY 10018
Phone: 212-876-7700

Staged dog fights to the death. Puppy factories with overcrowded and unsanitary breeding pens. Kittens tortured for amusement. Help stop these acts of animal cruelty.

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Real Life Story

Miriam arrived at the ASPCA just in time to save her life. She was brought in by the New York City Police Department, who had responded to a call of animal abandonment. Upon intake, Miriam was in immediate need of emergency medical care. She was dehydrated, emaciated and suffering from prolonged neglect. She had extensive skin disease and infected, oozing ears.

Miriam was admitted to our hospital's Intensive Care Unit and received IV fluids for dehydration and IV antibiotics for her severe infections. Once stabilized, she was released to a special ward of our hospital to continue her medical recovery. Miriam's treatments were extensive. Under a regular feeding schedule, she gained weight weekly. Throughout her medical rehabilitation, Miriam showed her resilience and absolute love for her caregivers. She accepted all medical treatments well and remained a very happy dog!

During Miriam's recovery, Penny arrived at the ASPCA with her four puppies. They were brought in by ASPCA field staff, after their owner agreed to surrender them to us so they could receive the medical care they desperately needed. Penny and her puppies were all very thin and suffering from untreated intestinal parasites. Penny's main challenge, however, was not her health but her paralyzing fear and lack of socialization. As a junk-yard dog, she had spent most of her life hiding in different parts of her property.

We quickly assessed that Penny gained confidence from other dogs. Once Miriam and Penny were medically cleared, the team introduced them and the bond was nearly immediate.

After completing their treatment, Miriam and Penny were adopted into safe, loving homes.

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